Friday, August 17, 2012


Burberry Prorsum - Leather Ankle Boots

Jimmy Choo - Youth Metallic Leather Biker Ankle Boots

Gucci - Brogue-style Suede Chelsea Boots

Florentini & Baker - Elis Eternity

Even though Jamaica only has wet and dry season, it's nearing fall almost everywhere else in the world, and lately I've been falling in love with ankle boots. I actually found an old pair of ankle boots my mom used to wear when she had winter business trips to Canada, and I realised that I really do like boots. Turns out I'm not just a wannabe Net-a-porter trend fan. There are so many that I'd love to have, but of course I can't have any of them :( :( :( When will my parents realise that my desires are the only things they should pre-occupy themselves with? Can't wait till I go to a university - hopefully - with colder weather to wear boots whenever I like!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Your Eyes Are Unworthy

Alexander Wang's niece, Aila, is probably the most fashionable toddler you will ever lay your unworthy eyes upon. Let's all indulge in what we may never be able to achieve.