Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feeling Dark

Contrary to popular belief, wearing all black outfits doesn't always mean you are goth/on the verge of suicide. I repeat (pay attention Jamaican readers), wearing all black outfits does NOT always mean you are goth. In fact, for the most part nowadays, people who wear all black a lot are not goth/emo or anything at all, if not just stylish and poetic. I remember reading a quote a long time ago by a famous fashion designer, wish I could remember who now, who basically said that wearing black is a medium of poetry, after all which poets do you see wearing anything other than black? She wasn't being serious of course, but I actually do agree with her idea that wearing black is like poetry, I mean there are different impressions you can get from an all-black outfit as you can probably see from above - if you can't you have a problem, jk just style deprived. While there is the hardcore look, there's also an eccentric 1920's look, a laid-back look seen with Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin, there's casual elegance in the chiffon lace dress above, and the carefree nineties teen look by Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen. It all depends on fabrics and textures and accessories, yes? 

To date I probably have about 10 black pieces of clothing in my closet, but I am craving more, I just love black! There's so much you can say with one colour, so many shades and washes - and you can pair it with just about anything too! I remember when my mom used to forbid me from buying anything black and say that young girls/ladies should only wear colours, now I'm a serious advocate for anything black. What do you all think about wearing black? Is it totes your style, or do you wish it were?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zara Shopping Bag

Medium Faded Denim Shirt

High Heel Sandal

Studded Skinny Trousers

Printed Blouse With Scarf

Basic Sandal

Printed Blouse With Scarf

Platform Sandal

Wooden Wedge Shoe

I don't think I've ever come across an online store where I've liked every piece of clothing on the site - until I came across Zara of course. I've known about Zara for years now, but I've never actually purchased anything from them because I thought I'd never be bold enough to wear them. But now, I'm itching for these pieces, things I desperately need in my closet for summer: a denim shirt - the fade and buttons are perfect, white jeans, printed shirts - I've finally found the perfect ones!! - and statement shoes. Words cannot explain how long I've been trying to find these pieces - the perfect ones - and now I finally have, all on one online site. How lucky am I? I really think life needs to change so that everyone can have two birthdays a year....... Am I right or am I right?


We Hate Hump Day: Inspiration


Tomorrow I'll have my last set of exams - French, which is really easy for me anyway - and my last day of 12th grade! In Jamaica, the highest grade is 13th so only one more year of highschool hell and I'll be all done and hopefully on my way to the perfect university (in NYC or Toronto please!). Unfortunately I haven't really had the motivation to study for the french exams tomorrow, especially because I sorta know subconsciously that I don't really need to. So I've decided to look at these pretty pictures and hope they give me some inspiration to study la langue française. I hope they inspire you to do something you don't really want to either, toodles!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lana Del Rey: Face of H&M

Photo Source: Vogue
A few days ago the fashion world found out that Lana Del Rey, a fairly new artiste, is the new face of H&M. Personally I love Lana Del Rey, and I think her music, style and attitude are fabulous. Plus she's ridiculously gorgeous! What do you all think?


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stella McCartney Garden Party

Of all the Resort collections I've seen so far, Stella McCartney's Resort 2013 Collection has to be my favourite. After seeing so many various collections with so many different inspirations behind them, McCartney's Resort 2013 is almost like a breath of fresh air. I think the colours and the mix of sophistication in the high-collared shirts and tailored jackets and relaxation in the laidback sweater knits and loose fitting pants are absolutely perfect for a resort collection and that time of year! The yellows, baby blues, the peachy pink and yellow florals, animal print, everything is just to die for. I don't even have any favourites in this collection like I usually do, but I really do love the fringed floral dresses in off-white and yellow, mainly because they remind me so much of the Jazz Age, which is one of my favourite eras, ever since I read F.Scott Fitzgerald's, The Great Gatsby in Grade 11 - among several others of course.

What really drew me to Stella McCartney's collection though was the way she showcased it. I saw Jasmine Tookes tweet about her garden party - instagram pictures courtesy of the wonderful model - and instantly fell in love. Who doesn't love garden parties? McCartney's Garden Party was nothing I had ever seen before, it was one of my dreams coming into existence. Being a fan of The Secret Garden, and having an avid mom-gardener I've always loved well maintained gardens and all forms of flora. For my sixteenth birthday I ideally wanted to have a Garden Party exactly like this one where everybody wore pastels, long day-gowns and all the guys would look dapper and there would be amusement park games and a long white table with little bouqets all along it and luxury tents - ugh I had it all planned out. But I decided against it, because I figured no one would come/enjoy it because no alcohol would be served and Jamaican/popular of the time music wouldn't be played. I'm promising myself that one day I'll have that garden party though, hopefully some time in the near future.

So, now that I've done my rambling and reminiscing about dreams I haven't made tangible, what do you guys think about McCartney's Resort Collection? As you can probably see, I can't get enough - I mean if I included two of my all time favourite books, what else can you conclude right?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interior Inspiration

I am seriously craving my own apartment right now, to dress up with amazing rugs and armchairs, and bookshelves - and controversial wall art. Studying is so overrated.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Volunteering at Caribbean Fashion Week!!

So sorry for the lack of posts once again everyone! I've been so busy with these last few weeks of school, and now I'm preparing for end of year exams, which of course, I'm dreading.. So I'm afraid you might not see much of me until about the 28th of June, but please don't forget about me :(

Anyway, I really had to tell you all that I got the chance to Volunteer at Caribbean Fashion Week, which lasted form June 7th to 11th. I know I'm a little late in telling you about the amazing news, but I still can't resist to make a post about it. One of my friends, who is an amazing photographer by the way, Luca Khouri, managed to find a way for me to volunteer from Friday to Sunday, during the fashion shows. For the three days I was set to work keeping inventory on the shoes provided for the girls by the hosts of CFW, Pulse - a modelling agency in Jamaica (the only one). However, I mainly ended up deciding what all of the models should wear with their outfits if the designers didn't have any specific requests.

I can't even explain to you all how hard that job was, I'm not even going to lie, it was probably the hardest of all the jobs, because there were only so many shoes for the models, most of which were size nine shoes, while there were quite a few with smaller or much larger feet. But we just had to find a way to make the shoe fit, unless the designer allowed them to walk barefoot. Besides that there were so many quick changes, and after every final walk we had to basically rip the shoes off of the models and get them back to the rack. Besides there were ridiculously quick changes, and a bunch of other things that people wanted us to do at the same time.

I don't even know how to explain it to you guys so that you can actually get how rushed and hectic everything was. But even though it was ridiculous and chaotic, I somehow fell in love with it from the first night. I don't even know how I did, because I'm usually the laziest person ever and I don't like being rushed or pressured, not at school, not by parents, not by anything. But somehow I just fell in love with everything about being backstage. I'm honestly so happy I did this, I don't even know whether to do it again next year or to watch. And I forgot to tell you, lucky me got to see Nell Robinson - who has a new swimwear line BANG! that is amazing - Jaunel McKenzie, Alexia Palmer and a bunch of other really amazing Caribbean models, I felt like I was at a patisserie!

Oh and one of the designers pulled me aside and asked me to exclusively pick out shoes for each and every one of her outfits, I was really happy when that happened because I just felt like she realised I had good styling ideas, and I actually helped her to choose what looked good with what, and she was so sweet and grateful at the end. I felt so amazing :) Volunteering at CFW has really concretized the idea of me working in the fashion world when I'm older - I think I'm willing to make that decision and persevere towards that goal. Wish me luck!!


P.S. Because this post is so long, I'll post photos in another! Don't worry, I wouldn't do that to you all!