Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012



After Paris Fashion Week set sail with Rochas and Dries van Noten, the Balenciaga SS/13 defilé was next in line, proving to be nothing short of spectacular. What we all love about Balenciaga, I'm sure, is it's ability to create refreshing looks each season while maintaining consistency in the structure of the pieces. The clean, tailored structural lines and the symmetry in the patterns of the looks, are things we see every season in some way. Even the asymmetrical pieces seem to have some structure or repetitive pattern. Let's not forget the shoes, the reason I fell in love with the fashion house years ago: those clunky geometric heels jutting from a fairly 'tailored' shoe might as well be a trademark for Balenciaga. However the regularity never bores us, because something strays just enough to keep our eyes on the garb. And once again, these looks are a breath of fresh air amongst all the (tasteful) fluff we've seen for other designers throughout the Fashion Weeks...

But that's just me. What do you all think?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012



At first it was Daphne Groeneveld, now Cara Delevingne is the teen that feeds our wannabe-model souls. I'm just kidding, not all of us want to be or look like models - I don't know what is wrong with all of you.... Why wouldn't you want to? - but I'm sure most of us idolize the youngest Delevingne sister for different reasons, even if she may really be involved with Harry Styles. I got over him since Caroline Flack, it's whatever. I mean look at her, she has fabulous bone structure, strong brows, quirky style and an IDGAF attitude on the streets. Who cares about personality anymore anyway right? So circa 2005.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Triple Threat: Valentino, Ballet and SJP

For me, there's nothing better than being able to dress like a chic-inista and go to a phenomenal arts performance or gala of any kind. So imagine my joie de vivre - jealousy really - at seeing the photos of the total chic-fest that was the New York City Ballet Gala held some nights ago. As expected, the event was chock-full with iconic designers and fashionable celebrities and editors of all generations, including the likes of Anne Hathaway, Carolina Herrera, Chloe Malle and of course the co-chair, SJP!

Although the New York City Ballet's audience caught my eye, it was the actual ballerinas who captured it - most importantly their costumes. Having danced ballet since I was just a lil tot, and performing in shows etc, the thought of being able to wear black and white or berry coloured tulle costumes and tutus - designed by Valentino Garavani himself - killed my soul. Don't get me wrong now, if I had actually been able to wear the couture costumes my heart would have melted, but instead I watched other, perfect ballerinas wear them. I might need a moment.

Witticisms aside, Valentino's costumes really did take my breath away, and even after looking at them for the millionth time they still inspire me. There's just something about the fabric, the tiers, the ruffles, the B/W, the berry colours. There's simplicity and complexity in the details amalgamated to form 16th century perfection.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Editor's Eye

Who's excited to get their copy? I am literally dying for the book to be released - it'll be everything I ever dreamed of, I'm sure!