Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer DIY's

DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets

DIY Net Bag

DIY Braided Bead Bracelets

DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

DIY Hex Nut Bracelet 

H&M DIY Satchel
Photo Source: Honestly WTF

Summer is actually approaching really quickly, whether I'd like to believe it or not, and besides all the things that I said I was looking forward to in my previous post, I'm possibly most importantly looking towards the things that will reinforce/enhance my personal style. So, above are only some of the beautiful DIY's that I plan on doing in the summer, courtesy of Erica and Lauren of Honestly WTF, which I'm sure a lot of you know about. Honestly WTF was actually one of the first blogs that I started following avidly, and definitely one of the ones which made me want to create my own blog for myself. I absolutely love the bracelet DIY's and the Net bag DIY (totes amaze for the beach) and how truly simple they are, but the end product is still so chic - yes I've been reading lots of Babe Walker lately! However, what I really found so amazing as of recent was the girls' DIY H&M Satchel which I am dying to do for myself. I swear this one bag is part of the only reason why I want summer break to begin so badly. You guys should really check out Erica and Lauren's DIY's here, tell me what you think of them, and which of them are your faves! I really can't wait to do them, and show you all my finished products.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Jamaica in Vogue Magazine

photographed by: Patrick Demarchelier

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts in the past week, unfortunately it seems as though I have lost my 3rd Macbook charger!! Actually, I'm almost sure that someone in my grade took it, and just doesn't want to give it back, and I'm very sad about it, but I have a replacement, thanks to one of the nicest people in the world in my class! 

Anyway, I'm not sure  how many of you have seen this article in Vogue magazine's June issue, which was posted on their site about a week ago, about Usain Bolt which included an interview about his preparations for the 2012 London Olympics. Being a Jamaican, living in Jamaica, knowing no other country as well as I know Jamaica, I really can't even express how happy I was to see this article, Usain Bolt and Joan Smalls: Cut to the Chase, and the beautiful photos by Patrick Demarchelier. I absolutely love how simple, yet stunning each picture is. My favourites are the one of Bolt running with the school children and the very last of the set with Joan running besides the painting of Usain- the fastest man in the world - who's jealous? :)

Just kidding, but I thought I'd share this with everyone, because I just felt the need to. 
Everytime I see some profound organization 'big up' Jamaica, I get so warm and fuzzy inside - I can't explain it - even though it happens more often than not! Read the article here and tell me what you all think, I think Robert Sullivan gave a pretty accurate presentation of Bolt.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thinking about Summer


Lately I've been dreading school a lot more than usual. Besides not seeing the point of being forced to this place of 'education' for such a long period of time per day (especially when I know I won't need majority of these things for what I'd like to do in the future), seeing the 13th graders go off on summer already, when I have 4 weeks left has basically made me want to die. Even worse, I have exams beginning the 18th of June, which of course I haven't even began to study for. So I guess you could say I'm in that trance-like state of denial/disillusionment where I only think about summer. But hey, why not enjoy the disillusionment till it comes to its tragic end, right? Why not post some pictures, I thought, of what I plan to make my summer entail - nothing special of course, just lots of colourful, relaxed outfits, awesome makeup, flowers, Lana del Rey, water-sliding, pretending to be hippies, reading Vogue, going to the beach, doing lots of nothing with friends, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's everyday and of course sleeping in all the time! What do you amazing people plan to do for summer - anything special or are you just planning to chill it out like me? Tell me in the comments if you'd like!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Problem with Skinny Models?

According to Vanessa Friedman, a writer for the Style section of ft.com "If we get used to seeing all kinds of bodies, all kinds of bodies will lose their stigmas. It won't solve all eating disorder problems but it might stop this endless debate. Then we could get into some really meaty topics."

In her article she reflects on her earlier years in writing, telling of one of her earliest assignments, to spend a weekend in the Hamptons with 10 young models, new to the business, all of whom were an average 15/16 years old. She claims that despite their good health, "what struck [her] at the time was their absolutely bizarre physical reality."

She then goes on to speak about the pledge that the 19 international Vogues made to "not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder.." and about the magazines' editorials in their June issues, which focus on healthy eating habits and lifestyles. She argues that the editorials wouldn't be seen as a promotion of healthy living, unless one were looking for a promotion of healthy lifestyles. Basically we should use all sorts of models in the fashion industry, just as much as skinny models to prevent the constant debate that is the size of models of the fashion world.

Personally, I understand her argument, but at the same time I just can't agree with it. I'm a person who likes traditionalism in certain cases, and I think that while it is absolutely brilliant to ensure that a model is healthy and of appropriate age, totally changing the criteria for one to be a model is too much for me. Of course, there should be petite and plus sized and average sized models, but the truth is that since the beginning of time, a standard criteria has been maintained when it comes to the dimensions of supermodels. Why should we break that criteria now for the sake of an insecure generation? If the criteria was the same several years prior, and the problems of eating disorders were not nearly as serious as they are today (I have no evidence that they were or weren't - I'm only assuming), why are we deeming the tradition the problem, rather than how the population is now? Is it that we've become too accustomed to obesity, whether extreme or slight, that being naturally skinny, or a little skinnier that normal is a total anomaly? Understand that I'm in noway condoning any form of malnutrition or eating disorder, I'm just questioning why it seems as though the world finds more fault in being anorexic or bulimic than in being obese, if both are forms of malnutrition.

What do you all think of Vanessa Friedman's post of ft.com. Here's the link, read it and tell me how you feel! Maybe I'm being biased because I'm naturally skinny, and because those around me seem to react in this manner to naturally skinny models, especially in a country where being thicker in the right places is ideal?

Inspired by: ALEXA CHUNG

Who doesn't love Alexa Chung right? She seems like such a wonderfully eccentric person, but still unflappable at the same time. Not to mention her fashion sense - Chung can wear just about any style of clothing and still look flawless in it! It could be a masculine outfit from Chanel, an all black hardcore ensemble, something laid-back or something really feminine! I really look up to her in several ways, and especially love to read her articles in whatever magazine whenever I see one. What do you guys think about Alexa Chung? Besides the fact that she's perfect, of course.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Respect for Interior Design

Not sure if we had similar childhoods, but do you remember being dragged to the interior design stores all across your town, because your mom just can't stop finding new things to do with her house? There were scavenger hunts for furniture, paintings, paint, lighting fixtures, anything! I'd be on the road with that house-proud lady for the entire weekend looking for interior design items, and used to get so miserable because all I wanted to do was watch tv.. Now I guess, all of her innovation has rubbed off on me. I'm probably just as bad (or good) as she is, and I swear my eye is trained to spot exactly what any room needs. I can't wait to have my own apartment to paint and renovate on my own from very scratch. I admit, I don't even want to have only one home, but quite a few, to decorate differently based on their purpose/location - I really can't wait, I want to do it now. Did any of you any have mothers who just couldn't stop watching HGTV, or reading interior design magazines, or most importantly dragging you all over the place to buy new design items? Has it influenced any of you, I want to know that I'm not the only one!!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anxiously Waiting for these Babies To Arrive!

Sugar High Blouse

Zipped Moto Leggings

Beanpole Skinny Jeans

Button Up Tail Top

Sweet Blossom Romper

Cross the Line Blouse

Suzie Floral Skirt

It Shirt

Second Skin Jeans

Emma Cutout Dress
I had my vocational ballet exam today for the RAD, and what other stress-relief is there than spending a little money on clothes? I've bought all of these items from Nasty Gal, and I must say that I have been waiting to buy these for the longest time, I'm so glad that this burden is off my shoulders - do you know how stressful it is, worrying that your favourite item online will sell out?!

Yes, everyone, I know we're nearing summer and I'm supposed to be buying a whole lot of colourful items, but it seems I can't stop myself from buying black! I had to hold back so much in this shipping already, and force myself to buy some colourful items. Plus, I've just lately become less interested in season-fitting items, or at least for this point in the year, partially because Jamaica really experiences the same seasons throughout the year. Tell me what you lovelies think about my soon-to-be new clothes!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Arduous Task of Style Choices: A Novel

Well, it's been about 3 months since I made that promise to myself about wearing whatever I wish to, despite the thoughts of other people and it really is not as easy as it seems. I mean, it should be that easy, but there are just so many things that can get in your way!! First of all, I'm sixteen and I live in Jamaica, which really is not as liberal and no where NEAR as creative as some of the most conservative towns in the USA, I'm sure (okay I'm exaggerating) so there are a lot of things that come into that category.

First chapter of The Arduous Task of Style Choices: Overbearing Parents. Well my mom really. Lately, I've been finding myself to like a lot of black clothes, with that edgy moto-esque feel, I even have a pair of black Dr. Marten's combat boots on my to-get list, but let's just say that sort of thing really doesn't go by with my mother. Being sixteen in Jamaica means so much less than it seems to anywhere else in the Western world, in fact you might as well be 7. So, my mother who doesn't only think I'm going goth, but also thinks that colour is the best thing for a young lady to wear - supercalifragilisticespialidocious!!! - finds the need to accept/reject most of my outfits, if they have no colour in it. I wasn't even allowed to wear dark nail colours till about last year...

So, that's one obstacle I'm currently trying to conquer - slowly but surely wins the race, Brooke. My dad on the other hand, isn't as ridiculous as my mother, although I can tell he doesn't like the personal style choice that I seem to be adopting, he doesn't care so much, and makes simple jokes if anything.

Second Chapter: Everyone Else Around Me. Maybe not everybody, but possibly just about. This chapter really is too long for it's own good, and quite honestly I get a bit agitated when I think about it, and want to change it, but I don't think it's possible at this moment. So, let me make this short: basically, because of the lack of creativity and open-mindedness of majority of the people in Jamaica - even in my generation - no one accepts other people's sense of style, and either ridicule it openly, or ridicule it behind their back. Oh wait, I forgot, there is also a major lack of sense of style and fashion-awareness, it saddens me more than anything. Not so much for them, but also for myself because sometimes I find it hard to get inspired by Kingston.

Third Chapter: Me. Of course I can't give everyone else credit for my novel, and not revert to myself... I must admit that sometimes I'm a really conscious person, and don't feel like being judged by others, or looked at in some cases, so at times I'm unwilling to dress the way I really want to. I don't go very many places either (I do IB and just don't really get invited anywhere). Besides that I really need a new wardrobe in the worst way!

Please look out for my novel all of you :-). And hope that I get over these horrid obstacles, I really need to - I have to!