Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feeling Dark

Contrary to popular belief, wearing all black outfits doesn't always mean you are goth/on the verge of suicide. I repeat (pay attention Jamaican readers), wearing all black outfits does NOT always mean you are goth. In fact, for the most part nowadays, people who wear all black a lot are not goth/emo or anything at all, if not just stylish and poetic. I remember reading a quote a long time ago by a famous fashion designer, wish I could remember who now, who basically said that wearing black is a medium of poetry, after all which poets do you see wearing anything other than black? She wasn't being serious of course, but I actually do agree with her idea that wearing black is like poetry, I mean there are different impressions you can get from an all-black outfit as you can probably see from above - if you can't you have a problem, jk just style deprived. While there is the hardcore look, there's also an eccentric 1920's look, a laid-back look seen with Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin, there's casual elegance in the chiffon lace dress above, and the carefree nineties teen look by Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen. It all depends on fabrics and textures and accessories, yes? 

To date I probably have about 10 black pieces of clothing in my closet, but I am craving more, I just love black! There's so much you can say with one colour, so many shades and washes - and you can pair it with just about anything too! I remember when my mom used to forbid me from buying anything black and say that young girls/ladies should only wear colours, now I'm a serious advocate for anything black. What do you all think about wearing black? Is it totes your style, or do you wish it were?



  1. I love the "Thirteen" tribute!

  2. Great pics selection, thanks for sharing!
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  3. love that second photo. (:
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  4. Great post! I adore the sheer skirt in the second picture! Be still, my heart....
    Lovely blog!

  5. Love all photos..
    black is always elegant..!!