Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anxiously Waiting for these Babies To Arrive!

Sugar High Blouse

Zipped Moto Leggings

Beanpole Skinny Jeans

Button Up Tail Top

Sweet Blossom Romper

Cross the Line Blouse

Suzie Floral Skirt

It Shirt

Second Skin Jeans

Emma Cutout Dress
I had my vocational ballet exam today for the RAD, and what other stress-relief is there than spending a little money on clothes? I've bought all of these items from Nasty Gal, and I must say that I have been waiting to buy these for the longest time, I'm so glad that this burden is off my shoulders - do you know how stressful it is, worrying that your favourite item online will sell out?!

Yes, everyone, I know we're nearing summer and I'm supposed to be buying a whole lot of colourful items, but it seems I can't stop myself from buying black! I had to hold back so much in this shipping already, and force myself to buy some colourful items. Plus, I've just lately become less interested in season-fitting items, or at least for this point in the year, partially because Jamaica really experiences the same seasons throughout the year. Tell me what you lovelies think about my soon-to-be new clothes!