Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Candice Or Nothing

Photography by Cass Bird for MUSE Summer 2012

Nowadays, editorials of this season seem to be filled with models decked out in brilliant, crisp prints, exploring the culture of a remote holiday destination, basking in the sun on the shore of some tropical island or ruddy-cheeked teens running through meadows, or even a girl posing in tribal print in the middle of the desert. Whatever it is that you're seeing in the mags for summer lately, it has something remarkably luxurious about it. The bright colours, the relaxing beaches, spas, european sceneries all seem so perfect, yet just out of our reach. However, Candice or Nothing for MUSE Summer 2012 brings something different to the rack. It portrays not the luxury, relaxation nor the exotic unfamiliarity of all the other spreads, but a boredom, a lazy idleness that just might have turned into some unlawful act. Though it sounds a little contrary, the late afternoon shoot with a (literally) dirtier, more masculine Candice than I'm sure any of us are used to seeing here on Fashion Street (look at that pullover in the 5th photo, gross) proves almost refreshing. I mean how does this not make you want to hang on the side of the street, smoking cigarettes with two guys you've probably never met before, and then later do some hoodrat things at a shipping port that you're forbidden from entering?



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  2. She is deff a model that is growing on me! She's so pretty and has a great face!

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