Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Land Of My Birth

(Photo Source: Natalie Monique)

With the Olympics only a few days away, I figured that it was basically essential for me to have a post about the event - fashion based of course. Vogue's been obsessing over it in previous issues, so why not right? While browsing through the TIME website I saw that there was a piece on the Olympic uniforms for this upcoming Olympics, including ratings on the uniforms. However, what really caught my eye was that Jamaica (my homeland, land of my birth, etc etc) was considered to have one of the best uniforms this year!!!!!! I swear I was even more excited than the extent to which the previous exclamation marks insinuate. Surprisingly enough, I saw that the uniform being used was designed by Cedella Marley, eldest daughter of Bob Marley, in collaboration with famous sports brand, PUMA, who showcased the collection at Caribbean Fashion Week last month.

Man, I remember seeing that collection and thinking, this line could really go places. Somehow Marley managed to incorporate the colours of the Jamaican flag in most if not all of her pieces, in the most flattering manner you could imagine. Believe me, before that night I didn't think the Jamaican colours could be used in an appealing manner unless it was on some form of PUMA sweater or on the flag itself - which I still question from time to time (no I'm only kidding). I remember she used a fabulous yellow-black print on the bottoms for the girls, and I especially loved it in a pair of pants, and had over the top cat-eye sunglasses as accessories. Some of the pieces weren't necessarily paired brilliantly but I could immediately imagine that print with a plain black partner, whether top or bottom to make it really interesting. Here are some photos from CFW of some piece of the collection - she also has a really fun swimsuit collection!

Props to the designer, Cedella Marley!
(Photo Source: Pulse Fashion)

While I didn't agree with all of TIME's uniform ratings - I thought that Germany's looked like a bunch of cotton candy men in the blues and pinks and that several uniforms didn't even catch the eye enough to be fit for the hardworking atheletes going to the Olympics - I realised something interesting and inspiring, in fact. Seeing the TIME's post, placing Jamaica's as one of the best along with countries like France, the UK, Italy and Germany, and further considering Cedella Marley's collection along with others of June's Caribbean Fashion Week, made me realise that fashion in Jamaica is now beginning to become a factor. A small factor perhaps, but nevertheless a factor in its own way. And besides that I feel that the people - of all ages - are becoming more fashion-conscious (THANK GOD). Who knows, maybe it's just wishful thinking. What do you all think about everything I've written about here, the uniforms, Marley's collection, a possibly pending fashion revolution (nbd) - It's a lot I know, but I just couldn't separate all of this, it just flows.



  1. i'm excited to check out all of the uniforms now!

    1. Thank you for commenting! And you should, TIME magazine has some on their post:

      Everyone's raving about the Olympics since it's so close, maybe you could do a post on your country's uniform too!

  2. Love the pictures and I think that more countries, cities and everything need to be featured for their fashions! There's beauty EVERYWHERE!


  3. This is a lovely post and a great blog ,maybe we could follow each other?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, and sure! I love your outfit posts! I wish I could visit Zagred it seems beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! :)

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